Friday, March 30, 2018


Hello every--what? No no, you're not going crazy, this is a blog update on a Friday! Aren't you excited!? AREN'T YOU JAZZED?!

.....I'm gonna pretend you said yes and that the cheering I heard was from all of you from across the world and not my stomach saying that it's been several hours since I've fed it.

Today I have exciting news! If you don't follow me on twitter, Instagram, or my Facebook page, then this news to you!

And so now dearest readers and followers (all 2 of you. Oh yes, I counted.), I present to you.....


I'll be making and releasing a newsletter

'What's the big deal?' I hear you say. Let me tell you! This won't be a ho-hum newsletter! This'll be a fun newsletter! A newsletter worthy of all bookworms and tea lovers everywhere! You may or may not know this, but I love tea. Like...a lot.

I love tea so much I used to work in a tea house where I served tea on silver trays and wore a white apron and black dress and scarfed down tiny finger sandwiches in the back kitchen like a kid eats potato chips.

That's how much I love tea, guys.

My newsletter will not only cover updates on my books and projects, but also a review of an amazing tea I'm drinking (with pictures of course!), short stories that you won't be able to find here on my blog (or anywhere else), books/comics I'm reading that month that I want to share with you, mini author interviews with amazing people, and give aways!
 And if you're nice, and enough of you subscribe to my newsletter, I might even throw in a quick food recipe for you to have along with your cup of tea!

The newsletter will be up and ready in mid May, but I'll have a subscribe button up here on my blog in mid April! I hope you subscribe because I want to share all that cool stuff with you! (do I have to think of a good name for the newsletter? yes. Do I have one? hahahaha...haha...ha.....)

So now you know all the exciting things right now (that I can reveal)!

I also have a couple other bits of news that are super amazing but I can't talk about them right now. But I'll be able to soon! So soon you guys!

But for now I leave with you a warm fuzzy feeling and the longing for delicious tea and tea foods. And writing. Because they newsletter is also about writing stuff!

****** What do you guys like to see in news letters? Do you like long author interviews or short ones? Do you even want to see what I'm reading? And do you like tea or coffee? Just kidding! The correct answer should be tea!  Please leave a comment below with your opinions and thoughts and favorite teas, because I wanna know! **********

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