Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dingle--The Last Frontier

Okay, so not really, but it feels like it's the last frontier. When people think Dingle (if they think of it all) is one of those places that no matter how many times you wander around its small, hilly, winding streets, you always feel there's something new to see. And around every corner you can hear music coming from pubs or even just on the streets where musicians preform for the hell of it.

I know, I sound like an advertisement, but it's honestly true! Dingle itself is perched next to a bay that leads to the ocean and is surrounded by the greenest mountains and hills ever. Well, except for the cows and sheep on it. But of course, no one wants to hear about sheep and hills and mountains. You want to hear about stories! I'll try. I'm not very good at telling stories. Not at all.

After awaking from my WB Yeats room I left for the bus station. Tralee (Trali in Gaelic) was seen from a blur of bus. My impression was this: very narrow roads and tiny shops all crammed together with brightly painted doors, flags, and flowers. Charming and dizzying with its many streets, but cute. Then out I shot from there into a flat stretch of land where you can see where a river meets the sea. And from there roads that zigzag up and around mountain(hill?)sides riddled with sheep and adorable cows. Of houses there

But I didn't spend the hour it took to get to dingle staring out the beautiful landscape. Oh no. I had to talk to people. I ended up making friends with the person behind me, who didn't know anything about Dingle and didn't have a place to stay. So I offered my friendship and the Grapevine Hostel, where I was staying. Armed with a new friend and my camera, we struck off for the hostel! 

Now Dingle town is charming, as I've already advertised. The streets are small and easy to cross and they have a store called Super Value that I pretty much lived in. They had pre-made meals that were AMAZING. Well, I'm sure they all were, but I mainly just lived off of their scalloped potatoes. I know I should have eaten more things, but every time I thought about it, the potatoes called me back like the sea calling back to the sailor. Or like chocolate to a chocoholic. Or a Potato to a Keely. 

Dingle also has its fair share of rather touristy store fronts, but all the pubs are REALLY nice and how you would except pubs to look like in Ireland. The hostel itself is cute--a home turned hostel, and the kitchen was great! Sadly, I really only used their oven for the potatoes....anyways! The beds were amazing. Think of your bed. Comfy, cozy, just the way you like it. Got it? Ok. Now imagine your bed 30 times better. That's how comfy these beds were, I kid you not! After dropping our bags off me and my new found friend Jared went off in search of food! But not before a picture of me of course. Because I know I have some friends who don't believe I'm actually here!

part of the beach in Dingle
We found a really really nice restraunt that for all its fanciness was actually super affordable and delicious! And when I asked for tea and cream I was pleasantly surprised to see actual cream! It was so thick you could eat it with a spoon! It was the most delicious tea I've ever had--and for those of you who know me, I know you find that hard to believe since supposedly I make the perfect cup of tea! After that we went wandering around the streets of town before making our way out and going out to the bay during low tide to look at the rocks and see where the road would take us. It took us to a dead end, but it was pretty!

After the walk I went to my room and promptly fell asleep, as the light was fading. I think it was eleven at night. God I love summer here! I wonder if I can like...but the sunlight and just bring it with me to release it at nine or ten when I get home. a time share or something.....Anyways! The next day it rained! And then it rained some more. So I stayed in doors with a cup of tea and just talked to a bunch of people in the hostel!

The next day I met two Canadian girls and that my friends, is another adventure all together that I'll tell you about in my post after this--which should be up a little after this because my guilty conscious (and some threatening letters from friends!) have told me to catch up on my blogging! On the plus side, here is a picture of some dingle houses and Fungi the dolphin!

some houses in Dingle
Fugi wasn't in the bay that day sadly!

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