Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Beginning of the Middle

Writing on the edge.

The edge of what you ask? A good question! For all you know, I could be writing on the edge of the cliff with my laptop balanced precariously on a stack of rocks. Or perhaps I'm writing on the edge of society, shaking my head at people who have bought into the coffee shop of a well known two tailed mermaid. Or maybe, just maybe, I'm writing on the edge of a poolside in a four star hotel drinking champagne with the Lumineers.

Obviously, its none of these. First of all, clifftops don't have wall plugs--and I don't own an extension cord that long! And if I were hanging with the Lumineers I certainly wouldn't have my laptop by the pool--electrocution is not how I intend to depart this earth (screaming 'Khaaaan' while defending the planet is kind of what I had in mind....).

I'm not quite sure what edge I'm writing on. At the moment I'm on the edge of....something. Half way between 'I can't believe I'm trying to make a career of writing' and 'you're almost there!' It's a very strange edge. Kind of shadowy and murky and not altogether safe. I think the drop is only two feet down, but I could be wrong. All the murkiness, you know. But for the time being I intend to use this blog to write about not only my book series I'm trying to find a home for--but for the multitudes of books to follow. That's right. Multitudes!

 I'm curious, what Edge are you guys on?

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