Wednesday, June 12, 2013

T'was the Night of Packing....

As I sit here looking at my packed bag, I can't help but smile. I have everything neatly in its place and packed with tons of room to spare for all the glorious yarn I'm going to stash into my carry on size duffel bag. Yep. No time like the night before to have everything organized and packed and taking the stress out of the next mornings mad rush to the airport. 


That's what I'd love to type. But it's not true. I'm actually desperately downloading I-tunes songs into my I-pod which I'm also charging. Meanwhile I'm mentally sending telepathic messages to the dryer to finish drying my clothes faster. I don't think it hears me. Possibly the fact that I ingested half a bottle of NyQuil to make my insomnia go away is what's stopping it from hearing my message. Of course I'm also typing this post which is detracting my message. Hmmm.....

Well, I'm sure you're all just dying to know what a writer takes when traveling in nothing but a duffel bag to Ireland for two-ish weeks. Mainly its leggins, a pair of jeans, some shirts, a skirt, and two pairs of shoes. Three, if you count my flip flops (in case I run into the odd hostel where the bathrooms are set up 'shower camping' style.). A hair brush, some various er...unmentionables, and socks. Oh. And a lap top of course. Can't forget that!

 I debated bringing the laptop. After all, laptops can be heavy sometimes, as well as the fact that it might get stolen. I was reminded kindly however that I'm WRITING and researching for this trip, so the internet might be good. The fact that now most hostels have free wi-fi is also a HUUUUGE bonus. So my slightly beaten up laptop is coming!

The night before a trip is always a bit stressful, but at least it cuts down on how stressed you're going to be the next morning when all you have to do is throw in your hair brush and slap on your shoes before saying "Well, lets go!". So if you're going to travel, might I suggest packing the night before? In the morning all I'll need to do is grab a cup of coffee, pretty myself up, and head out!

Ah. The NyQuil is now taking effect, and if I try to type any more I'm afraid all of my letters will blur together--or worse I'll hit the 'caps lock' button and make everyone think I'm screaming. So I'm afraid I'll have to say good bye for now. But never fear, when I arrive in Dingle, Ireland, I'll give another update--hopefully with pictures!

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