Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Beginning of the Middle

The beginning of the middle! Or is it the end of the beginning? I know for sure it's not the beginning of the end at least!

By now I'm sure you're looking at your martini glass and wondering if you've had a few too many. You haven't, I promise! What I'm speaking about is my writing journey.

I suppose if I looked at my life I should say that I'm at the End of the Beginning. I think it seems more apt. The beginning was when I was in college in a Sign Language class when it hit me that while learning languages was a noble choice and something I was good at, writing was what fed my soul. It's what kept me going when I was stressed. I wrote. That was the beginning. The part from there to the End of the Beginning has been long, frustrating, difficult, and filled with crawling up a mountain complete with ogres and nay-sayers and non-believers. It's a mucky, yucky, hard road. But I think, I really, really think, I see the peak of the mountain. I think this is it. I think this is my year when things change.

Being a writer you often write things that make you go "why am I even putting this in here?! This makes no sense!" only to later realize that that little decision your subconscious writer brain made actually saves your ass plot-wise later on in the story. But you go on a hunch when you write it. A good writer learns to follow those hunches, usually with brilliant results. That 'hunch', that little niggling feeling that won't go away has been saying to me "Katie, this is it. This is the part where your life changes. Jump."

So I have to jump. I have to re-write the ending to my Novella that I hate so much (the ending is terrible and I have a horrible habit of procrastinating when I have to do something I don't want to), edit it a bit more, and then send it off into the world of Online Publishing Houses and pray to the book gods that some one accepts it. But I really think they will. It's that little "hunch" that won't go away. So this is my moment. This is the time in my life when I realize I'm looking at the Beginning of the End right in face and then keep on walking because the middle is waiting for me.

I don't know what the Beginning of the Middle will have in store, but I'm not afraid. I can't be. After all, when I jump off the mountain I'll have a parachute and a shot glass ready to go. Care to join me?

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