Wednesday, February 4, 2015

5 Things You're Doing Instead of Writing

Well hello there fellow bloggers and writers! How are you? Good? Need a drink? You should grab one. That's yet another thing you could be doing instead of writing. If you're anything like me you excel at procrastinating. For instance, I need to write 500 words today because I joined the wonderful #FebWritingChallenge in the hopes that it would kick my butt into gear and get me to do the following:

a) Finish the ending of my alien novel 


b) to write and hopefully complete my children's series.

Armed with this go getter attitude last night, I assumed it would carry on into today. Writer's shouldn't assume things. That was mistake number one. I woke up this morning ready to take on the blank pages of Microsoft Word and show this Wednesday that I was a sexy writer ready to to kick some ass!

Add in a cup of tea and I was this fabulous waking up!

 Instead what happened was what happens to writers everywhere: The internet. And if you want to get really specific (Sorry, I'm going with the 'girl' aspect on this list because, well, I'm a girl!) then these are the 5 things that you're probably doing right now instead of writing just like me.

1) TWITTER. What's that little notification board, I have new followers!? And oh look at all the hashtags! And gee, I really need to tweet that I'm tweeting instead of writing. Because that's totally helping market myself. I'm so good at this I should do it more! #doomedwriter

2) PINTEREST: If you go on Pinterest with the thoughts of "I'll just check to see if there's any good recipes to make for dinner tonight" or, "I'll just check the DIY section really fast." you've already lost. You know it's only one click away from checking your front page to mass pinning onto all 430 of your boards. I did that today. It was not pretty. But my boards have never been more popular! I'm sure it'll relate to writing in the future.....
Omg how to make kitty oragami!? YES!
3) BLOGGING: That thing I'm doing right now. Reading it, writing it, commenting on it. If you're blogging right now you're not writing. Well, you are. Kinda. Unless you're reading. But it's only to read about how other authors aren't writing too! It's a trap I tell you! Run! Run to Microsoft word and write something other than how you're procrastinating! Gogogogoooo!

4) EATING/ERRANDS/COFFEE: You're going to write. But first you need to grab a cup of coffee to really wake yourself up. Then as you get in your car you see a baby in a stroller, which reminds you that you need to go to the grocery store to get some wine for dinner tonight (for that recipe you found on pinterest earlier). And then when you're buying your groceries you run into a friend you haven't seen in ages and you go and get more coffee and quite possibly a late lunch. This is also a trap! You do not need to know about your friends drama between her cats.  RUN AWAY 

This is the correct response when a friend asks "Do you want to grab a cup of coffee to talk about my cats?"


5) FACEBOOK: Do I really need to say more?

So there you have it! Five things you're probably (most definitely) doing right now instead of writing that novel you were sure you'd work on today. But hey don't worry, there's always tomorrow! Or tonight. But for sure you'll write tomorrow! 


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