Monday, February 2, 2015

It Must be Monday.....

I'm not normally one to be a "oh its Monday..." sort of person, but I am. So for a brief moment, indulge me while I bemoan the start of the week and pull myself out of the dregs of used Kleenex. 

It Must be Monday Because.... 

-My cold of a month and half got WORSE when I woke up this morning. Seriously? SERIOUSLY!?!

-My brain refuses to think of anything creative to write for this blog (or maybe that's the cold? Lack of alcohol perhaps?) 

-I STILL can't seem to write the ending to my modern-day sci-fi novel. It's been re-written three times. Why won't it just end!?!?

-Apparently all the wonderful small press publishing sites I was going to send my manuscript to disappeared. Google, did you eat them!? I bet you did. 

-I was reminded I have bills 

-I was reminded that I lack a job and my savings to pay said bills is dwindling. 

-I was THEN reminded that this is what I asked for since I wanted to focus solely on writing. Brain, what were you thinking? Where was I when I made this decision?

And that is why today Monday sucks. I would dearly dearly love for this cold to be done. I'm tired of swimming in Kleenex, coughing, and generally feeling as if my head was stuffed with squishy stuffed animals. I would like to hear music without destroying other peoples eardrums. And more than that, more than anything, I would LOVE to have finished the ending of my novel. Oh and find a place for said novel to call home. Poor little manuscript, all alone in a folder on my laptop.

Today is Monday. Let us hope Tuesday is better. If the fog lifts, I might even have something for you on Wednesday! 

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