Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My 10 Favorite Literary Characters Part II

Hello guys and dolls! Here's the last four of my favorite characters! Man this was hard!!! I realize of course, that a lot of them are girls. I can't seem to help it! I DO want to say though, that some of my favorite books as a little kid were Call of the Wild, By the Great Horned Spoon, and The Golden Goblet (all male leads). It's just they weren't my favorite characters! Sorry guys! And now, grab your drink of choice and enjoy the last four, PLUS see who I've challenged to do this at the bottom! The names....may surprise you. ;)

7) Fanny Price, Mansfield Park by Jane Austen: I LOVE this girl. She doesn't act stupid. No seriously. She sees the 'bad boy' of the book that all the girls like and says, "nope. A wolf is a wolf. They freaking eat people." And doesn't buy into it. (edit: okay she does--kinda--but only because she's heart broken and he pounces on the chance, the sly fox! She comes to her senses though!) I like her because I relate to her in many ways. She stays true to herself even when people tell her to change her mind. Quiet Resolve. Honest, kind, and has a very keen eye about people. I like to think I'm a little like her. Maybe not the Quiet part though--let's be honest!

8) Cassandra Mortmain, I Capture the Castle: This girl. I suppose she's in the same vein as Fanny price, seeing that she's also a bit shy and timid at times. But the reason I love her is because this book was written as a diary. She's funny, thoughtful, insightful, and tries to keep her family together as they live in a crumbling castle and her father writes his next 'great novel' (which he hasn't done in many many years). I loved watching her grow slowly, learn about herself, and live. She shows you don't have to be some one flashy and loud to catch some one's attention.

9) Henry Tinley, Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen: Okay ladies, you want a man? Here is a man! He's  exactly what I would be if I were a boy. He's sarcastic (soooo dead pan, I love him!), witty, sensitive, and smart. He's the first man written in Jane Austen's books (I personally believe) that is wholly likable. He isn't stuck up, he isn't stupid, and loves the heroine for who she is despite her inability on occasion to not get when he's teasing her. Now that's class! (p.s. This book is nothing but tongue in cheek sarcasm for the other books of its time. Please read it!)

10) Percy Jackson, The Lightening Thief: I love this kid. I find it's very hard for adults to write teens well, but Percy is all teen. And for that I love him. He makes the wrong choices, he messes up, but he's loyal and kind and he's just trying to do right (and in the process look like he's doing wrong. Like...socks with sandals wrong.). I love him for all his faults. He's the most believable teen boy I've read in a long time.

WHEW! You did it! You read through my list! CONGRATS! And now....the fun begins! Below is a list of 10 friends I've chosen because I'm a nosy friend and I just have to know their choices! I'm so excited to see if any of them pick something I do! Although I doubt it! And that's why I'm so glad there are so many books in the world!

(Friends I tag: you don't HAVE to do this of course, but I would love to see your answers!)


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