Monday, June 15, 2015

G33K Things and EXCITING G33K NEWS

If you can read the above title you might be a geek. Or nerd. Or what I call a 'neek' (a nerd/geek). Congrats! Don't listen to the haters who say you can only be one if you know every single detailed fact about the lives of every super hero, villain, Star Wars or Star Trek character. You don't. If you appreciate or love video games, anime, 1990's video games, comics, manga, sci-fi, fantasy, whatever, then you are a geek.

There are all kinds of geeks. Not just 'nerdy geeks', Its really a term for anyone who obsesses over anything. A book, a movie, a TV show, a YouTube channel. You like Once Upon a Time  or Supernatural to the point you can repeat verbatim every line from every season? You're a geek my friend. You love Pride and Prejudice so much you named your corgi Darcy? Yeah. You're a geek.

And there's nothing wrong with that.

As a writer I have the distinct honor of being kind of weird anyway (Besides being a major geek over a lot of things). I don't think I've ever met a writer who in some way wasn't a geek over something. And I love my geeks. So what does being a geek have to do with writing?


Face it, without people to 'geek out' over our books, we wouldn't be writers. At least, not the kind of writers who could ever make a living. So please don't shun geeks or nerds if you're the kind who does. Without them you would never have fans. Because that's what a geek is. A person who loves your world and characters as much as you do. Who obsesses when the next book is coming out and writes you letters to say how much they love your main character or hope to god the bad guy gets a really painful, slow death. So love them. Embrace them.

There is nothing more beautiful than to see a famous person embrace the Geekery. They happily pose for photos, love talking about the show or film they were in, like to do crazy fun things (Like dress up as their character and order food a MacDonalds. Or dress as their character at a Con just to see if people will think they're the real deal or a good cosplay!), and in general are kind to their fans. Those are the ones who remain famous. The ones who are held in high regard from all their peers and fans.

Look at these amazing FIREFLY cosplayers! I hope some one loves my books enough to dress as my characters!

They care about their fans because they realize without them they have no career to speak of. Also, they're just as nerdy as them. Have you ever seen one geek out over meeting some one famous from another show? No? I have. It was adorable. They became just as flustered as any of us. So take a page from their book. It's okay to geek out of things. It's okay to like the geeks who geek out over your book.

I'm a geek and I'm not afraid to say it, or be it. And you know what? Because I geek out over books it just means it makes me a better writer! I can't wait to meet the people who love my world as much as I do. I embrace them and all they stand for: LOVE!

Also, in a semi-related note towards writing, at some point next month I will be airing for the first ever (and firmly cementing the fact that I am, in fact, a total geek) a series of songs that I've written and composed about the pitfalls of dating Super Heroes! That counts as writing right? Right?????


*I will be playing Nina Lee, the girl who just can't help dating Super Heroes. Look forward to the videos in July! 

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