Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Since I might not be able to blog Wednesday, here's a poem I wrote a couple of nights ago after reading way too much Rudyard Kipling. That man was an inspiration and interesting! You don't hear stories like his anymore. But then, the same could be said for Mark Twain! Enjoy everyone!


When the hour has grown late
When hope seems a memory distance makes,
When laughter has fallen away, 
When an empty home is the nest you've made,
When dreams begin and idle in your mind
When the ticking of a clock is your lullaby
And the voices in your head cannot abate,
Or the moon in your eyes will not go away.
When all before you seems dark and bleak,
When life seems a barrage of endless mistakes--
When you've decided enough is enough
When you take up a pen and brush it off,
When you write the voices to far away places,
When you banish the darkness to a tropical oasis
When you greet the dawn of a brand new day
When your monsters are gone
When hope stays,
When you crawl to bed spent and faded
When you dry your tears
When you gave what you could;
When this is done again and again--
Ah, then you are writer my friend.
--Katie Masters

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