Monday, August 3, 2015


Hello readers and writers (and probably somewhere, fake accounts) how are you? Good?
Good! If you're reading this blog it means you like to do two things very much: Read and write.
And if you're anything like me you love reading. LOVE it. Because you don't become a writer without having a love of reading.

I've found that in recent months I haven't been reading as much as I should, could, or did. And I found a wonderful tag on BookTube (a community in YouTube) that does a reading challenge once a year. And that time is NOW! So, feeling guilty for not having read as much as I should (and also therefore, being a useful diversion to me finishing writing my own book) I'm taking up the challenge! It only lasts a week, the 3-9th. So join me in reading! I know it'll be impossible for me to do challenge 7 (7 books in 7 days) but I can accomplish the other six! You can also combine challenges!

So go read with me! Check out the rules--the video is adorable and the challenges are fun! Also, comics and manga count as books! So hey, you don't HAVE to read 500 page books! I'd love to see your choices! If you do decide to join please let me know in the comments below which books you chose! Just for you, I'll show you my choices!

These are the books I've picked:

1) To Sir Philip With Love by Julia Quinn

2) Akaiito by Kaho Miyasaka (it's a manga. It fulfills two challenges)

3) Heir Apparent by Vivian Vande Velde

4) Tigerlily by Jodi Lynn Anderson

5) Fangirl

6) Is also Akaiito

7) HAHAHA Seven books in seven days .Well, if I can finish the other ones I'll certainly see how many I can scarf down during the weekend!

Also, in case you didn't know, I STARTED A BOOKTUBE CHANNEL! I intend to update it every Friday night, so I hope you enjoy! You can watch my very first episode if you want! Or don't! It's a friendly place here and there is no expectation of you guys having to watch it! I mean, it's not like anyone is holding you at gun point or anything right......right???

So how about you guys? If you take the challenge what are you choices? Here is the link to the wonderful BookTubeAThon! I hope I can read with you guys! I'm so excited to see your book choices! Maybe you'll have read one I've never read or heard of! (But that'll be hard, I've read a LOT)

See you all Wednesday! In the meantime, I'll be looking like this:

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