Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Epic Announcement of EPIC Proportions!

Life is a funny, funny thing. If you've followed my blog at all (which of course you have, because you want to be cool right!?) you've perhaps seen my posts recently like this one or this one, where I talk  about how hard it's been to achieve me dreams. How I've felt I'm spinning in circles with little to show for my effort, and the curtains seemed to be falling fast on my endeavors to be an author. But little did I know that while the last little flicker of my hope was dying, Life stepped in. Here's a transcript of what happened:

Life: Hey Katie, whatcha doing?

Me: Pondering my existence and if being an artist is really worth it.

Life: Oh? *hides a smile behind it's hand* Sound's hard.

Me: It is. I was trying to so hard, and the harder I try the more my dreams of becoming a published writer keep slipping away. It's like guys. The more you have a crush on them the faster they get a girlfriend. Or end up gay.

Life: Gosh, that sounds just awful. I had this thing I wanted to tell you, but maybe I'll come back some other time.

Me: Naw, go head. It's not like my life can get much lower.

Life: *Throws papers in my face* BAM! YOU'RE GETTING PUBLISHED!

Me: .......What?



That's right ladies and gentlemen, geeks, and geekettes, I'M GETTING PUBLISHED!

After three years of writing and trying and crying....I'M GETTIN' PUBLISHED! My first completed novel was my special baby. It's a YA (young adult) that takes place in Ireland and deals with Irish mythology and the REAL fairies.

There will be no wings or cat-eyed pupils or tiny statures! None. Because it's based off of the REAL mythology of Ireland. And Fairies don't have any of that!

It's my baby and means a lot to me because of my Irish heritage. I even went to Ireland and researched for this you guys! Like, went looking for ancient circles and fairy wraths and chatted up the locals for stories that they had. Real research. I used archaic texts and translations god. The amount of research! So many books and facts and checking!

And while I did all of that hard work I thought nothing was going to come to anything no matter how hard I tried and pushed and submitted would never get anywhere. That I wasn't a good enough writer. That the story wasn't good enough.

But apparently it was!

And now I'm getting published!

And now you can all meet Brenna, Patrick, Deirdre, And Roibhilin! You'll get to meet the characters that have been talking in my head WAY too much, and I can't wait for you to read them!

So thank you readers, for being with me and reading my blog and following me on twitter and on Booktube! You guys are the best!

Also, a huge HUGE  thank you to Caroline Andrus of  Fire and Ice YA Books for taking a chance on me and falling in the love with my characters! I'm so excited to be working with you!

I'd like to thank my cat, for keeping my feet warm, my insanity for giving me my crazy stories, and my computer, for not breaking on me this year. *cries*

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