Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Hello everyone! I hear you on the other side of the internet, screaming at me. I believe the general gist of the words are along the lines of "you were supposed to reveal the cover on Monday!"

Yes. Yes you're right. But if you know me--and lets face it, if you follow my blog you know my major downfall--then you're not surprised by my tardiness since updating and procrastinating preeeettty much mean the same thing to me. I blame my Publishing House?

What? I can't? Oh.

I blame the friends that plied with wine in celebration then.

And what are we celebrating? WHY MY BOOK COVER REVEAL OF COURSE!

That's right ladies and gentlemen, I wasn't lying when I said that my book got picked up by a wonderful digital publishing house that goes by the name of Fire & Ice YA! They're the YA (young adult) imprint of Melange LLC, and they are wonderful and beautiful and awesome! I wish I could come up with more eloquent words to adequately describe them, but I can't at this moment since I lack a thesaurus and I'm too lazy to open a new tab.

My life the past month has been an insane whirlwind of both good and bad. Stress and mad insane changes that I'm surprised I survived. Like losing a job, putting together a band of artists together to make a trailer while spending money I didn't have, and then gaining a new job at the end of the filming. And doing all of that with no sleep or showers. Yes. I'm surprised I managed to survive too!

And amidst all of this I had to beg my publishing house and sacrifice some books to the book gods to make a cover for me. One would think this wouldn't be a rude thing to ask, but you need to remember this: I haven't even gotten my edits back, I'm a newbie author, and my book isn't due out until next year (dates to come! I've been told January so far). But I wanted a cover for my book trailer.

What's it like to make a book cover? Well if you're me, then surprisingly simple! Well...'simple'. Mainly it was me saying "I want this! And this and this and this and this!" and my poor (but wonderful, talented, and exceeeeeedingly patient) cover artist Caroline Andrus gently pulling me away from my insanity and showing me a better cover design. She compromised and I compromised and together (but mainly it was all Caroline's work!) we created a beautiful beautiful cover that I personally would drool over. Okay, did drool over.

Seeing it still makes me grin this really stupid grin and then its quickly followed by a sinking heart. Because the cover is so pretty and encapsulates the book so well. And I kind of have this fear that my book won't live up to the gorgeousness that is this cover. that normal? I don't know. But having this cover has truly cemented into my head that I've been picked. My book got accepted and in a few short months teens and adults are going to be buying and reading the world I made.

And it's really actually kind of terrifying.

I come from the generation of the first Fan Fiction writers online, and I'm used to trolls and people ripping my work apart. But that was Sailor Moon and I was 13. This book is my world. These are my characters and my blood, sweat, and tears all tumbled and tossed into Irish Mythology and Folklore.

Oh god.

What if my cover is prettier than my writing?

Well, its too late to turn back now as my friends cheerfully tell me. So now I present to you the thing you've all been waiting for. ARE YOU READY? ARE YOU!?!? *puts on audio clap track* Great!

I present to you the first book cover of my trilogy:



 ISN'T IT!?!??!

I can't tell you how many times my poor cover artist heard this phrase: "Can you make the borders" I'm sorry Caroline! AND THANK YOU FOR DOING IT EVEN THOUGH YOU DOUBTED MY NEED FOR SHINY SHINY GOLD. Blame the Good Folk? Actually wait, don't do that. Blame me.

And now the countdown begins because if all goes well and my freaking amazing and talented Director Philip Gadrow is right, my book trailer for this book will be out for Halloween day! THAT'S RIGHT! MY BOOK TRAILER WILL BE OUT OCTOBER 31ST!


So for now, have a gander at this beautiful book cover and be jealous that you have to wait until January to obtain it!

There'll be a pre-order date for it as well, and I highly highly encourage you to pre-order it. Mainly because if you pre-order it and you order a physical copy of the book it will be delivered to you ON YOUR DOOR STEP the day that it's released online and you can gloat to all the people who order it on the day of and have to wait 3 to 5 days for the copy to reach their sad, empty hands!

Please let me know what you think of the cover in comments below, because I love hearing opinions!

ALSO I'VE BEEN BUSY! I was on a podcast as an author--MY FIRST AUTHOR INTERVIEW! I was interviewed by the wonderful Emma Hardcastle and her new podcast channel The White Room! If you want, or have time, you can view my awkwardness right here! YUP I'll keep myself here on this page for all of you to make fun of! I'll also be doing several blog tours and author interviews and share the links as they come up! In the mean time: ENJOY ALL THE AWESOMENESS!