Wednesday, August 9, 2017

THE TRUTH ABOUT BEING A FAMOUS PERSON (as told by a not famous person)

Everyone has that moment. That moment when you're cruising around twitter, talking to your twitter fam about the newest books you like, the newest movie, and see that your favorite writer or actor/actress has an account! You follow them and tweet a hello or a thank you. Or perhaps a witty remark that you're sure wasn't actually that funny after you've already hit send.  You don't expect them to notice, because c'mon, they're famous.


That famous/popular author/actor/dancer/whatever, follows you back. Comments on your comment. You've officially hit fangirl(boy) heaven. By the gilded art gods above they noticed you!


your notification says that said person has *gasp* followed you back. 

You find yourself in a state of shock. What do you do? Why did they follow you?! Is this a joke? Is it their publicity manager doing it to make the author look cool by following a fan? No. No, that's definitely their personal twitter account.

You wrack your brain trying to figure out why they would follow you. You're not a famous *insert anything that makes you famous*. Your a fan, or, if you're like me until recently, a writer trying to get published. You're just a 'small fry' in your chosen art field.

Why is this famous person following me and talking to me!?!? 


I wondered this myself whenever someone I, or the world, perceived as 'famous' or 'popular' followed me. I mean....I was/am a no one. Why are you following me and talking to me? Granted I feel I could be a C-list comedian, but really--why are you following me? I'm just a fan. A funny, awkward, geeky, doesn't-know-when-to-maybe-shut-up fan that's trying to be low-key cool in front of you and pretend like I don't know your famous.

And then I found myself on the receiving end of the same fangirling I've felt  towards others.

I was followed by a person on twitter, and they left a comment. I personally love talking to people. I go to twitter to meet fellow readers and writers and illustrators/comic artists and make meaningful friends. But I commented back to the comment because I talk to the vast majority of the people who comment. And this person sort of gushed to me that they were a fan and loved my books and couldn't believe I was talking to them. And I kinda was dumbfounded. Shocked.

Because I don't see myself as the sort of person one fangirls over. Or having fans, for that matter. I mean, I'm that girl. It was a very strange place to be.

And it got me thinking: Is this how people who get fangirled at, feel? This sort embarrassed not-quite-sure-what-say-back feeling? This "but I'm just a person, and I'm a nerd, I'm not cool enough for these compliments or fans" feeling?

You see, inn my everyday life I find myself being personal friends with many *very* impressive, talented, and highly successful friends in the world of literature and art (any art field). I'm not in their league (yet!). But I know them very well. I share my life with them. They know my ups and downs, and vise versa.

These famous/popular/well known people are also my friends who are immensely supportive, down to earth, low-key, normal geeky people. They just happen to do what they love for a living and who have the skills, determination, perseverance, and talent to back it up. I've never even thought of them as 'famous'. But I did with people online. And that's when I have to take a big breath and remind myself of this:
First and foremost: They're people. 

And that's the thing guys. 

We perceive famous or popular people as these unattainable, possibly godlike people who don't have time for us peons on the lesser rungs. But it's just not true. They're normal people with likes and dislikes and yes, they even fangirl themselves.

Have you ever been to an anime/comic/fantasy/book-Con(vention)? Because I have. I've personally seen very famous actors and authors geek out like the best of us (on stage even!) when faced with an actor or author they've loved and looked up to.

They're people.

They follow you because they think your funny or talented or nice, or have important things to say and they agree with it. And they also geek out when people they perceive as more famous or talented than themselves talk to them too. Seriously.

I still find it hard to believe when it happens to me. That it did happen to me. Having this person who I don't know, fangirl over me? It kind of made me take stock and re-examine my feelings towards how I feel towards others of perceived popularity/fame.

Guys, from personal experience, people are people famous or not. And having now been on the receiving end of a fan let me say this:

Thank you. But really, I'm you. I just want to be your friend and talk about books and anime and comics and be a nerd with you. I cosplay. I LARP. I go to cons with my little sister and geek out over cosplays 20 times better than ours. Let's be friends. Please don't ever be afraid to talk to me--because honestly, I'm shocked you WANT TO. Seriously. 

So don't fear comment or complimenting or starting a conversation with a 'famous' person on twitter or Tumblr or FB. Because, at least for me, it's an honor but also we just want to geek out with you. We don't bite. But I'm a while I don't bite what you say or do may or may not end up in a book someday. Because you know. That's what good friends do.

Ask my friends who are in my books and don't know it yet.

Bet they didn't see that coming!



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