Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2016: Not with a bang but with a BAM!

Hello my little geeklings and bots who've probably just pinged the bajeezus out of my site during the 3 months I've been gone. I know you're asking me:


The answer to that is that I'm not always a good juggler of multiple things. Like, if you gave me the job of being a juggler at the circus I would not be making you any money. And I'd probably accidentally set fire to your tent. Yeah.

But I'm back! Back to the thing I'm best at: Words.

Aren't words nice? I love them. I don't know why I stopped writing them here. Oh wait. Now I remember. It's because I was busy FINISHING MY NOVEL. Which I did! And as of tomorrow (which by now is today) my beautiful, frustrating, action packed baby will be off to the scary and large world of Online Publishing Houses. You can do it little novel, I believe in you!

I also have been busy dipping my toes into the world of BookTube and filming! I'll post the latest episode at the end of this! I've also started Vlogging. The reason for that is because I've got terrible camera fright. Just awful. So I decided to conquer my fears by creating a booktube channel both to beat this and because I REALLY wanted to meet other readers! And I've made SO many wonderful friends already! I've also made a Vlog.

Because if you're going to face your fear, you might as well jump off that cliff huh?

NO REGREEEETS! (I now regret this....)
So since I was so busy finishing a novel, writing a synopsis (they are so evil and I'll rant talk about it in another post), reading, BookTubing, vlogging, and surviving the holidays well....lets just say something had to give. And sadly, that was this blog.

But worry not friends! I'm back! I've gained some experience, victories, losses, and all the in between. Really, I suffered for YOU so that I can give you new material for this blog!

See how much I care!?

But in all seriousness, I really will try to be better about this. I'll be updating every Wednesday as weekends are now reserved for the following things:


2) Editing and posting of BookTube and Vlogs

3) Some semblance of a social life (that'll probably end up in a vlog anyway!)

And if you really want to hear my voice, or let me hear yours, visit my BookTube channel (if you don't know what BookTube is, I explain it all here). On my BookTube channel I have book reviews, discussions, and all sorts of goodies! This year is going to be awesome guys!

I promised myself as the clock struck 12 and changed to 2016 that this was the year I was going to just go for it. To get at least 2 or more books published, to do better at BookTube, to just say YES more. I wasn't going to shirk from the future, from change. Change is scary. But it can also be wonderful, and if January is any indication, this year is going to be filled with really good changes.

So happy belated New Years! And if you want, enjoy either my BookTube channel, or Vlog!



See you all next Wednesday! Did you guys make any NYE Resolutions? If so what were they? Have any of them started to show promise? Let me know!

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